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Location of Herod and Solomon Temples on the Temple Mount Jerusalem
by Norma Roberstson

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Locating Solomon's Temple
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1- Research for the Temple book and videos
Josephus: (Temple) Aerial Photo
-Temple Mount
Warren's Survey Map
-With  descriptions
-Ruins reveal the location
Water Channels and levels
-Map and info
Ophel Steps
Fort Antonia
-On the highest hill
Nehemiah Map
-Map of City Wall
Double Gate
-Not Huldah Gate
Southeast Corner 
-Who built it?
Temple Platform
-Original location
Wailing wall
-A little history

MENU 2- New additions not included in the videos
Bob Cornuke
Dome of the Rock
Lower Aqueduct
Who Built it?
Red Heifer Bridge Solomon's Porch/Portico
Trumpeting Stone and Xystus Akra (acra) Found Solomon Palace Temple Mount Walls

Temple Diagrams
Early Temple Illustration Temple Mount Chronology

Maps of Early Explorers Temple Water System PowerPoint Presentation

Animals for Sacrifice-how? Blood Channel-where?
Herod's Courts Five Location Theories Underground Tunnel

Water System on the Temple Mount
Water System on the Temple Mount

Lower Aqueduct
Lower Aqueduct
The Tombs Tell The Tale

NEW!  The Temple in 3D by Norma Robertson
Please Join Me As We Walk Through Herod's Temple and Fort Antonia in 3D, a narrated video series of Herod's Temple.
Note: This Temple location is in accordance with the many sources available to us. I.E. The scriptures. The many maps, drawn up by the early explorers of the 1800's that were allowed to enter the underground passages.  Josephus, a Jewish historian, that not only grew up in Jerusalem, but recorded the destruction of the Temple in 70 AD. Also the Jewish information contained in the Mishnah concerning the aqueduct. And of course the ruins and many artifacts uncovered by archaeologist, Benjamin Mazar, and  through his grand daughter, Eilat Mazar. I created this as if a model built on a green table top, only in this case you get to enter and walk through, and fly over,  that model.   The model is designed according to the map below with the lower court on the Ophel outside the south wall of the Temple Mount as it is today.

Herod's Temple -MinecraftPlaylist all 6 videos (38 minutes) YouTube channel Norma Robertson

Part 1. Herod's Tempe "Layout" - 3D video
Part 2.
 Herod's Temple  Walk Through Herod's Temple in 3D, with updated textures and rounded arches.
Part 3. Herod's Temple in Minecraft -Norma Entering from the South Gate.  Making a Passover Peace Offering.
Part 4. The Aqueduct
and cleaning the Priest Court of the sacrificial blood
Part 5. Entering the Temple from the East Gate and Solomon's Porch.
Part 6.  Entering the Temple from Robinson's Arch 
Plus a tour of the Temple
 house and various buildings on the Temple court.

7. Bringing in the Animals for Sacrifice.  How did the animals get from
 the Nehemiah's sheep gate to the lower court?

Thank you David Morton of Canada for all your help and inspiration which taught me how to create this in Minecraft.

Enter the Photo Gallery Of Herod's Temple

Herod's Temple in Minecraft -Norma Herod's Temple Herod's Temple in Minecraft -Norma Herod's Temple in Minecraft -Norma Herod's Temple in Minecraft -Norma Herod's Temple in Minecraft -Norma Herod's Temple in Minecraft -Norma Herod's Temple Western Wall Tunnelupdated

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Stacey Weigert has put an incredible amount of excellent work into recreating Jerusalem in 66 AD in MineCraft. 
He is using my theory for the Temple at the south end of the Temple Mount.
Be sure to watch his videos @
YouTube channel "Words in Red" Jerusalem Reborn!!


Solomon's Temple area overlaid with Herod's Temple as of 70 AD

Temple Diagram

The lines in Green representing the old Temple area (Solomon's Temple) would have been removed as the Herodians

extended the temple courts, except for the east wall, gate and Solomon's porch, which Herod refused to rebuild..

Temple diagram overlaid on Warren's map of the Temple Mount
Blue lines-Herod Temple complex - Green lines -Solomon Temple Complex

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