Location of Solomon's Temple

Location of Herod and Solomon Temples on the Temple Mount Jerusalem

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Exciting New Research reveals the location of the first and second Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.
Location is below the Al Aqsa Mosque on the south end of the Temple Mount

You will be shocked to see how much evidence there really is for this location!
Also includes the location for Fort Antonia and much more

What's the latest info!
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Jewish Mikveh Under Al Aqsa Mosque
and other interesting updates

The Red Heifer Bridge
Digital bridge and information concerning sacrifice
The Tombs Tell the Tale
The tombs face the true East Gate of the Temple

New Drawing of Herod's Temple and Fort Antonia

Drawing of Herod's Temple

Diagram of Herod's Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Diagram of Temple and Fort Antonia
Notice the Holy of Holies was not actually under the Al Aqsa mosque

It is interesting that there isn't any buildings over the place where the Holy of Holies would have been located. It would have been around 30 feet down to the floor of the Holy of Holies. The Holy of Holies was 20 cubits high (29 feet), so the ceiling would have been about 1 foot below the surface of the Mount today (that is to say; if the Mount in this area is 737.5 meters above sea level).  The porch of the Temple and the Altar would have been located within the Mosque.
Thanks to Rick and Jean for sending this photo!

Herod Temple Diagram
This Temple diagram was created by using the actual ruins found deep below the southern portion of the Temple Mount, and on the Ophel.

Research for Book/Videos

Aerial Photo
 -Temple Mount and Ophel
Warren's Survey Map
 -With cistern explainations
5 location Theories
 -Josephus' layout
Water Channels and  levels
 -Map and info
Nehemiah Map
 -Map of City Walls

Fort Antonia
 -On the highest hill
Solomon's Portico
 -What was Triple Gate?
Double Gate
 -Not Huldah Gate
Southeast Corner
 -Who built it?
Ophel Excavations
 -Ruins reveal the location
Temple Platform
 -Original location

Temple Mount
  -illustration 70 AD

Temple Diagrams
 -According to ruins

Herod's Temple Courts
  -According to Josephus

Early Temple Illustration
 - from David to Herod

Wailing wall
 -A little history

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