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Norma Robertson - A retired teacher, graphic designer, living in the US. I began researching the Temple location in Nov 2000, inspired by a study of Ezekiel’s Temple. When viewing an aerial photograph of the Temple Mount I believed I could see where the Temple was once located. It was the ruins on the Ophel and the dips and shadows of the surface of the Mount that caught my attention. Intense  research into this area seemed to all point to that same southern location of the Temple Mount as the location of the threshing floor of King David. I believe the Lord lead me to find this location, and complete this. For this reason I have refused to make money off this work. The book "Locating Solomon's Temple" is free online and there are no copyrights on any of the illustrations. 

 Update; If you have not seen me on TV, at a convention, or heard me on radio promoting this work it is because for me it is impossible to do these things. I have had Lyme disease for the last 7 years and have had to decline invitations to do so.  Please help to make others aware of this epidemic and give to organizations that are working on better tests and a cure.

Questions about the Temple location are very welcome!  Just drop me an email.

Thank you!

Norma  (Norma Robertson is a pseudonym that I write under)