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Early maps showing the proposed location of the Temple
in the Southwest corner of the Temple Mount, Jerusalem

Map 1. This is a map of the underground structures and cisterns of the Temple Mount. I have marked out the 600 feet (one furlong) measurement given by Josephus.  The Trumpeting Stone was found during an excavation by Benjermine Mazar confirming that the SW corner was part of  the Temple complex described by Jpsephus. .  


Notice all the following maps have the 600 feet ending on the east at Triple Gate.

Map 2.  By Thomas Lewin ESQ who authored "Siege of Jerusalem by Titus", 1863. This map was created from the works of  Josephus concerning the war of 70 AD.  Not only was he able to show where the Temple would have been from Josephus' writings but in the next diagram we can see that he was also able to locate the Council House, the Xystus, and the lower Acra, also called Grecian Akra, which have all been found once the excavations of these areas were made in recent years. The Akra being the last to be uncovered.  Akra is the word for Millo in Greek and it means fort or stronghold. There were many of these in Jerusalem but the one we are all interested in at this time is the one built by Antiochus IV of the Grecian/Seleucid dynasty that was located in the lower city.

Thomas Lewin Map of the Temple Mount.......

Map 3. which is called 'Map of Jerusalem grounded on Tobler's Map". Extrait de : Jerusalem: A Sketch of the City and Temple from the Earliest Times to the Siege by Titus. I believe it is also by Lewin. Titus Tobler was an early explorer of Jerusalem in the 1840's.

Lewin - Tobler Map

Map 4. is by Captain Charles Wilson  under the "Ordinance Survey of Jerusalem" 1886.  He is one of the last people allowed to explore the Temple Mount that was non-Muslim.

Captin Charles Wilson Map of the Temple Mount

Map 5. is by James Ferguson, also an early explorer of the Temple Mount.  "An Essay on the Ancient Topography of Jerusalem", published in 1847,

James Ferguson Map of the Temple Mount

Map 6 James Turner Barclay 1850's

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