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The unknown underground opening on the Temple Mount

In my opinion no Jewish person should investigate the new opening, since it is too close the where the Holy of Holies onecs stood on a platform around 30 to 40 feet below the surface of the Mount.  An outside archeologist should be brought in, as it was with Hamilton 1n 1927.  

A dump truck broke through the pavement stone near the small Dome of Yusuf Agha on the west side of te Al Aqsas Mosque revealing an opening to a tunnel. Covered in the photo below. The Muslims did not let anyone investigate, but filled it with cement.

My work on the location of the Temple shows it to be n this southern area as seen on this map and diagram.

I had previously marked out the location of the Temple for a friend and as you can see the opening is very close to the Holy of Holies, and within the boundaries of the inner sanctuary walls.

There is no stone of the Temple left standing; only the platform on which it stood may remain underground.  By what means Hadrian filled in this area is unknown (while building his Temple to Jupiter in 134 AD), perhaps by means of arches, as he did at the southeast corner of Solomon's Stables.   It would have been very interesting to discover how it was done, if they had allowed someone to go down the shaft and explore. But the Muslim's have filled the opening with concrete.