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Location of Solomon's Temple

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Collapsed Ruins on the Ophel and Those Strange Arches

The collapsed and rotated mess in the middle of the ophel ruins has not helped in identifying this area.
This section had an underground cistern/pool which collapsed at least a 1000 years or so ago, most likely during an earthquake, perhps the earthquake in  the early 600 CE.
When the cistern collapsed the ruins fell in and rotated this whole section.


In the below picture I adjusted this area in a paint program, which enables us to see the original layout a little better.
.............Ophel Mikveh

The arches have been renovated since they were first excavated, but they were a real mystery.  Some  thought they were bath house of some sort.  However, I believe I have solved that mystery with this location for the Temple. In the above photo Herod's south gateis  in blue on the left side of the photo. The ruins of are located at an elevation above the arches.  Many steps led up to the double wide south gate from the road at the bottom of Ophel hill. Large steps needed arches below that were built on bedrock to support them. (Much like the arches of Robinsons' Arch.)

Ophel Arches

Arches on the Ophel

With my location for the Temple that is what these arches were for.

While working in MineCraft to recreate Herod's Temple I was able to simulate how these arches worked. Although these arches would have been covered with stones, I left them visable to help give understanding as to their purpose.

 Ophel Arches

In the below photo I show both the steps and using a window to peer through, I show the arches below the steps.

Ophel Arches 2

Herod's south gate with steps and window looking into the Mikveh/bath on the right of the steps.