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Photo Gallery
Herod's Temple
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Herod's Temple -From Cross to Holy of Holies
Herod's Temple.  View from the cross on the Mt of Olives to the Holy of Holies.
From the Mt of Olives the soldier standing near Jesus could see the veil covering the Holy of Holies and see it when it was torn
 in two when the lintel cracked.

Herod's Temple - Red Heifer Bridge

Looking north from the Red Heifer Bridge. - Herod's Temple. Fort Antonia looms in the background.

Herod's Temple. Looking south from the Red Heifer Bridge
Looking south from the Red Heifer Bridge - Herod's Temple

Herod's Temple -view from City of David
View of Herod's Temple from the City of David

Herod's Temple -Fort Antonia
Overlooking the Temple from the highest tower in Fort Antonia. (looking south) The tower was 70 cubits (102') according to Josephus. One could see inside the Temple compound from here.

Herods Fort Antonia
North of Fort Antonia was a 200' long 50' deep moat. The moat was cut into the bedrock of the natural land bridge between the two hills.  To the west (right) of it was the Tyropoeon Valley and to the east of it was a deep ravine that empted into the Kidron valley. The only way to take the Fort was to fill in the moat.  This moat in this location was excavated by Charles Warren in the late 1890's.  He also found sections of flagstone, which the Jews had covered the hill with, and found the ravine with a building built at the bottom of it.