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Diagram of Solomon & Herod's Temple compound

According to measurements given in the Mishna and the writings of Josephus, and of course the ruins above ground and underground on the Mount itself,  I believe this diagram is very close to the actual layout of the old temple compound.

The GREEN square represents  Solomon's original Temple compound.

TheBLUE square represents Herod's enlarged Temple compound when he enlarged the size of the old complex on the North, West, and South before 70 AD 

Attached to the original temple of Solomon was "the porch of judgement" where king Solomon had constructed a large hall 50 cubits long and 30 cubits wide. Originally there was cedar from floor to ceiling. This was the hall of judgement where the king would make judgements and exercise justice. The "porch" or "portico" was located on the east side of the outer court of the New Testament temple of Herod.

Note: the lower section of Triple Gate, which is a three-aisled portico, is approximialy 50 x 30 cubits.

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 (Note: Please understand that my drawings are not exact.)

Solomon's Temple Diagram

Solomon's Temple was restricted by the valleys on the west and east.  Herod did not make any changes in the east gate because it was so beautiful.  The east gate included Solomon's Portico. 

Fort Antonia

It is interesting that there aren’t any buildings over the place where the Holy of Holies would have been located. The floor of the Holy of Holies would have been around 35-40 feet below ground.

place of the Temple

Thanks to Rick and Jean for sending this photo!

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